Chappati Griddle - A very thick based but shallow pan for the cooking of Chappati. Usually made from iron, it's thick base and construction allow it to become hot without warping and to cook chappati and other breads without burning.


Cleaver - Used in most forms of Asian cooking, the cleaver is a heavy flat knife used for a variety of tasks from hacking, chopping and bashing to delicately slicing. The blade is very sharp.

Cooking chopsticks - While most modern chefs will use spatulas to stir around food in the wok or pan, the more classical method is to use cooking chopsticks. These are similar to ordinary chopsticks but are much thicker and longer.

Karahi - The Karai is the Indian equivilent of the wok but is made from heavier metal.

Mortar and Pestle - A very popular method of grinding spices however this method is being replaced by the food processor. A mortar is a heavy stone bowl and a heavy stone pestle is held in the hand and used to crush the spices placed in the mortar.

Rice paddle - A rice paddle is a bamboo spoon with the end cut off at an angle. It is used for 'fluffing' newly cooked rice. Fluffing as the name sounds makes cooked rice fluffy which is a very common practice in Japan.

Claypot - The claypot is used for slow cooking. Made of earthware, dishes requiring slow cooking can be placed upon a stove over a very low heat.
Asian Strainer - Usually a loosely woven round wire mesh attached to a bamboo handle, but more modernly a large metal spoon with holes in it. Its purpose is to strain foods removed from hot oils or stocks.

Wok - The Wok is the single most utilised Asian cooking utensil. Although the different cultures have different names for the utensil it is usually only slightly varied from the Chinese Wok. The Wok is a round bottomed pan with high sides usually with some sort of handle. It's main function is for stir frying, but is equally adept as a deep fat fryer, a standard frying pan, it can be used for braising, boiling, steaming and poaching. So much can be done in this one utensil that many find that they do not need any other pans.
Wok scoop - The wok scoop is a hybrid of a spoon, a ladle and a spatula, and is shaped to the contours of the wok, it allows for the rapid stiring of foods in the wok, but may be used for other purposes as well.

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